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Orange County Innovation Week 2019 is coming 9/16 to 9/20/2019!
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It seems like most every month, we are reading about another incident of workplace or school violence. While loss of life in any setting is terrible, the loss of the lives of children in an environment that is supposed to be safe is beyond frustrating. Join us as we dig deep into the challenges associated with school violence and innovative ways that we are combatting this problem.
Artificial Intelligence is the foundation for the 5th Industrial Revolution. Learn how experts in the Orange County are using AI today and in the near future. We'll also discuss predictions for how A.I. will evolve in the future. Will it improve the human condition? Will it take jobs and ultimately enslave us? These are just a few of the topics we'll cover. We're excited to have you participate!
Cars have been a staple of the American personal and business experience for more than 100 years. Though most of us drive a car that is very similar in form and function to vehicles of the past 50 years, it's all about to change. Virtually every aspect of the driving experience and car itself will be transformed in the next 20 years. Join John Dinkel, former editor of Road and Track Magazine as he showcases Automotive Innovation in Orange County!
The future of work suggests that the way that business will use real estate might be very different. As robots enter the work force, as distance becomes less of a factor in communications and supply chain and other sweeping changes, the role that real estate plays will change too. Join Jeff Manley, Senior Managing Director for Savills in a deep dive into innovations in commercial real estate.
Coworking, the Gig Economy, changing demographics, and virtualization technologies are just some of the forces rapidly changing the Commercial Real Estate Industry. Learn what Orange County
Innovation Week 2019 landlords, tenants, brokers and supporting providers can expect in the near future.
Virtually everyone in business today depends digital security internally and externally. Each day new threats to digital security are emerging. At the same time, new technolgies and techniques are coming to market to thwart the threats. We'll be covering all of the issues associated with Cybersecurity in Orange County. You'll learn how to describe cybersecurity, and the best practices to make it a reality.
This track is the fast-track to business innovation success. Timing is of the essence in innovation, especially innovative business. This track covers the most essential skills you as an innovator need to make the future happen quickly, while the time is still ripe for your ideas: fast-track leadership and fast-track funding. These two skills go hand-in-hand because investors only invest when the see fast-track leadership; fast-track leadership attracts investors like moths to a flame. In this track, we're going to expose leadership methods AND financing methods that are themselves innovative, that get the job done more quickly than ever before. If you're running an innovative business or want to, miss this track at your peril.
Intellectual Property law is expanding at a rate that outpaces the global economy. This suggests that intellectual property rights are seen as an important part of business value generation. Learn how the entire intellectual property industry is evolving to accomodate this growth. Practioners will be made of new technologies, and businesses will understand new intellectual property opportunities and challenges.
Patent Search for startups and big businesses alike is an important and thorny subject. Discovery of prior art is useful to decide if a new business can be created and where market opportunities may lie. Recent advancements in technology are creating new opportunities for those in the intellectual property and patent search industries. Professionals have improved access to machine learning and AI technology. Those that want to search in-house can also benefit. Join us was we discuss Orange County
Innovation Week 2019 innovations in Patent Search.
Orange County has a long and storied past as a force for innovation. Today it is a recognized hub for life sciences, fashion, retail, education, distribution and many more industries. The Oviture Orange County Innovation Week 2019 will identify, connect and recognize the best of Orange County's Innovators. We'll present these remarkable people and businesses in live interviews, webinars, conference calls and tours. Read about legacy innovators meeting current innovators and be inspired by innovators of the future. Join us as we showcase the Orange County Innovation community!
Selling as a professional is drastically different today than just 10 years ago. It continues to evolve quickly as new technologies and changes in social dynamics influence how people buy, and therefore, how organizations sell. Inside Sales has been especially affected, as the role of the phone call as a tool to create leads or close business is much less than before. The design and management of an Inside Sales team must be constantly innovated to remain effective. Join us as we discuss new strategies for Inside Sales Innovation in Orange County
Innovation Week 2019.
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