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Subject:   Business Innovation
Want to make your business more innovative? Changing the way that a business operates can be very difficult! History shows that the bigger your business, the harder it is to innovate. Learn practical techniques to make your business more innovative.
Subject:   Government Innovation
Subject:   Industry Innnovation
Dozens of industries are represented in Orange County. Learn from industry leaders, futurists, and pundits as they examine changes coming in the very near future. Understand the timeline for industry change and prepare yourself for an exciting and possibly challenging Orange County future.
Subject:   Personal Innovation
As the world changes quickly, those of us living in Orange County will encounter many new things. Some developments and technologies will cause us to face change when we'd rather keep things the same! Other changes will create opportunities for personal innovation and a chance for a better life for each of us and our families.
Subject:   Social Innovation
Subject:   Special Events
There are many events that occur before the Innovation Week. They include announcement and launch events, networking and planning.
Startups and companies that want or need to grow quickly continue to grow in importance to the US economy, to big business and the World's future. At the same time the net new number of startups has declined and has remained depressed for more than a decade. This trend appears to be reversing. Startups are still failing at a very high rate and little is being done to organically improve the success rate of startups.
Subject:   Technology Innovation
Technology Innovation deals with the underlying technologies that are used to power products and services in the New Econony. Examples include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Genetics, Virtually Reality and many more technology types.

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