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Peter Adderton is a serial entrepreneur and founder. His companies include Boost Mobile, 360 Fly, and others.
Chad Ahrens is innovating in an area that concerns us all...school and workplace safety. Originally from the aviation industry, a random conversation with his Daughter sparked Chad's curiosity. The outcome? A complete new invention to protect tea . . . more
Kristen Allison is an experienced leader. She is a long-time innovator in the area of employee benefits and is President of Burham Benefits in Orange County.
Margarita Avila co-founded the Alvila's El Ranchito Restaurant Chain. As the matriarch of the family she was very involved in the operations of the business until she passed.
Salvador Avila co-founded the Alvila's El Ranchito Restaurant Chain in partnership with his wife, Margarita.
Michael Ames is an entrepreneur and innovator. He is co-founder of Vablet, a sales technology company in Orange County.
Bjarne Bergheim is the CEO of Sonendo, a endodontic equipment company. Bjarne and his team have revolutionized root canal therapy.
Steve Bilt is a serial entrepreneur and founder of several companies in the dental industry. Steve is also active in philanthropy.
Ben Bobo is the Founder and CEO of Cerentex, Inc, a medical device company pioneering noninvasive neuro detection technologies. The first disease to be detected is a Migraine Headache.

Ben is also the Host of Beyond The Boardroom, the only st . . . more
Noemi Bonessio is an inventor, and founder. Her company METAseismic, has created a material that will significantly improve the performance of certain structures during an earthquake. Noemi and her team are developing innovative applications for th . . . more
Donald Bren is the Chairman of the Irvine Company. His insight and vision has shaped what many believe is the most successful Master Plan community in existence today. Donald Bren continues to be a major innovative force behind the Irvine Company.
Dr. Deena C. Brown is the founder and CEO of DC Brown International, a leadership and growth company created to pioneer innovative strategies that transform organizations into culturally diverse ecosystems. Dr. Brown’s trademark C3 Blueprint for S . . . more
Robert Brown is an expert in Augmented Reality. His work in this area has involved some of the world's largest retailers, auto manufacturers and others. Robert's new company Arai Holdings delivers proprietary technologies to rapid implement Augment . . . more
Jane Buchan is a leader in finance, an industry dominated by men. She is an innovator and brings a unique perspective to the conversation.
Larry Cano was the Founder of El Torito. He pioneered the concept of upscale Mexican restaurants and was an innovator in food and presentation. Larry passed away in 2018.
Peter is a serial entrepreneur, physicist and deal maker. His diverse experience in multiple industries helps him to innovate. He is presently the CEO of Bluon Energy in Irvine.
Bill Carpou is the CEO of OCTANe, a force for innovation in Southern California. Under the leadership of Bill Carpou, OCTANe produces a series of annual innovation events, and manages the OCTANe Launchpad SBDC Accelerator.

Octane also works . . . more
Mark Cofano is an inventor, innovator, founder and futurist. He is the creator of Oviture, the platform and innovation ecosystem behind the Innovation Weeks.

Here are a few examples of Mark's work as an innovator:

Don DiCostanzo is the co-founder of Pedego Electric Bikes. Pedego is a fast-growing Orange County mobility startup. Don is also a serial entrpreneur, advisor and innovator.
John Dinkel is a consumate innovator in multiple disciplines including automotive, publishing, and Internet industries. John counsel major brands and assembles teams of other innovators to rapid provide solutions.
Shawn Doughherty is the co-founder of Mophie. She is an innovator, developing technology solutions and mass marketing those products on a global basis. After exiting Mophie, Shawn has turned her attentions to launching new ventures at EXOIO.
Paul is a serial entrepreneur with experience in a wide area of business. He is CEO of Fintech IP, as well as a founder for QuakeStopper, and innovative solution to mitigate earthquake-related damage.
Bob Fish is an accomplished Intellectual Property attorney, a successful businessperson, and an innovative thinker. Bob has devised new methods for teaching IP Law, including creation of the "Patent Beast."
Ryan Foland is a Keynote Speaker and the inventor of the 3-1-3® Method. Ryan specializes in innovative personal branding.
Robert Edward Grant is an Orange County Innovator, polymath and businessman. Robert has held senior positions at Bausch and Lomb, Allergan and other well-known companies. Robert has founded and is Chairman of Strathspey Crown, a private equity firm . . . more
Tammo Heeren, PhD is a serial entrepreneur, designer and inventor. He is expert in multiple disciplines including electrical engineering, big data, ophthalmology and more. Presently, Tammo is one of the Founders and CTO at the Orange County startu . . . more
James Irvine was a sheep rancher. In 1864, James in partnership with three others purchased 120,000 acres of open area and ranchos. This land would ultimately become The Irvine Ranch®
James Jannard is a serial Orange County innovator. He founded Oakley and Red Digital Camera.
Sven Johnston is a part of the creative force behind Gigasavvy...OC's homegrown marketing agency. Sven has helped Gigasavvy grow from a small shop to a firm that serves the world's largest clients.
Joe Kiani is the founder and Chairman of Masimo, an innovative Orange County medical technology company. Joe is responsible for developing pulse oximetry technology that has benefited millions of patients.
Palmer Luckey is an inventor and businessperson. He orginally gained fame by creating the Oculus Headset, a virtual reality technology. Oculus was purchased by Facebook. Palmer has left Oculus and has created another innovative security company i . . . more
Jeff has extensive experience in all facets of corporate real estate utilization. He has pioneered new ways to use facilities to the benefit of a variety of Orange Companies
Stuart McClure is the founder of Cylance. Cylance was one of the very first companies to use artificial intelligence as the foundation of a cybersecurity solution.
Kurt McNall is the CEO of Lynx Innovtion in Irvine. His experience in creating innovative retail displays spans more than twenty years. Kurt also has a strong background in the entertainment industry.
Tony Meador is predictively creative, developing products based not where things are, but where they are going to. He's interested in history as a predictor of where the world is going.
Lisa (Vogel) Merage is an innovative force in Women's fashion and swimwear in particular.
Debra Miller is an innovator and emplary leader. She founded non-profit CureDuchene after her son was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. She has developed a business model that expedites scientific research to speed the development of real . . . more
Dionne Mischler is an innovative force in Orange County, focusing exclusively on the subject of Inside Sales. As Founder and CEO of Inside Sales by Design, Dionne designs and delivers solutions for Inside Sales teams to firms requiring the latest t . . . more
Michael Morhaime was one of three people that founded Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard is one of the most famous and innovative gaming companies in the World.
George has significant experience in capital development for early stage companies. George has created innovative seminars that bring startups and investors together in venues that make it easy for them to communicate and partner.
Proceed until apprehended is John’s guiding principal to his creative and pragmatic approach to delivering new technology to the enterprise. John’s career in executing enterprise workforce productivity solutions spans more than 15 years in Automo . . . more
Nick is an innovative force in telecommunications. He is founder and CEO of Ytel
Professor G. P. Li is an educator, innovator and entrepreneur he has almost 20 granted patents and a similar number of patents pending. Professor Li is the Director of Calit2 at the the University of California campus in Irvine.
Paul Pacun is an innovator and entrepreneur. He is co-founder of Vablet, a successful sales technology company in Irvine.
David Parker is a Brand Innovator. He has considerable experience helping large businesses understand and communicate their brand, internally and externally.
Mark Parrish is a decorated veteran, a seasoned executive, and a positive force in Orange County Innovation. His leadership at companies like Harley Davidson, Stuart Dean, and Igloo Products were in roles that required innovative thinking and the abi . . . more
Ryan Permeh co-founded Cylance. His work in artificial intelligence is seminal. He continues to innovate as Chief Scientist.
Steve Rhorer is the President of Konica Minolta for the Western United States. During Steve's long tenure at Konica Minolta, many new innovations in technology and business process have been created. Konica Minolta is a world-wide leader, developi . . . more
Neil Sahota is one of the world's experts in Artificial Intelligence. He has more than 40 patents and is an IBM Master inventor, a designation that is very rare.
Bob Schubert is a high-experienced expert in telecommunications. Founder of The Comtel Group, Bob has pioneered new ways to sell, deliver and support telecommunications services.
Arie Shen is a force for innovation and business development, both in Orange County and globally. Arie has served as an executive in multiple high-tech firms and provides innovative consulting services. Arie is particularly effective in creating m . . . more
Valerie Sheppard is a former Fortune 100 marketing executive, speaker, inventor and educator. At the University of California Irvine (UCI), Valerie helps her students prepare for life. She is the creator of The Heartly Center and has EduTech patent . . . more
William (Bill) Shreve is an Intellectual Property attorney with a vast amount of experience. As a senior partner at the most recognized IP Law firm in the U.S. , Bill has contributed to the firm's growth over 28 years. His innovative methods and cr . . . more
Travis Smith is the President and of Device Alliance, an association committed to advancing the success of medical device community in South California. Travis is also the Managing Director of Square-1 Engineering an engineering staffing company.
Alon Stivi is an expert in physical security, and counter-terrorism. He has designed technology to make business and schools safer using innovative technologies and techniques.
Richard Sukek is an entrepreneur, investor and innovator. He leads the University of California Irvine Applied Innovation program. Richard is involved in every aspect of the Orange County Startup and Innovation community.
Scott Svehlak is a Technology Consultant whose career has been highlighted by implementing 30 years of disruptive technology in the Southern Californian marketplace. Scott has spearheaded sales teams and solutions that have crossed the chasm of the a . . . more
Oli Thordarson is the founder and President of Alvaka Networks. Oli and his team have pioneered methodologies to keep the networks of small and mid-sized companies. This is especially important at a time when ransonware is increasing both in freque . . . more
Richard Van Dyke has a long and storied career in the technology industry. Beginnning with the early days Medical Imaging, color computer graphics and business document management, Richard continues to provide services and solutions as an Orange Cou . . . more

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