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Employers and employees can work in partnership to create a new level of "wellness." Both parties benefit, costs are reduced and the employer / employee relationship will thrive.

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Southern California is a hotbed for innovation. Countless new ideas generate a demand for innovative ways to support innovator needs for patents, trademarks, trade secrets and other types of intellectual property. Join us as we explore new ways for businesses to Intellectual Property law to its greatest advantage.

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COVID-19 has severely impacted the restaurant industry. The effect of this have significantly affected many other industries include those that supply the restaurant industry and depend on it. Learn how the restaurant industry is re-inventing itself both to content with COVID and to improve itself for owners, customers, and others.

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Smart companies use intellectual property as a tool for value creation, market protection and business planning. While the properly constructed intellectual property portfolio has always been important in certain industries and companies, it's importance is becoming even greater. The pace of patent filings in the East have risen dramatically, suggesting that intellectual property will define an important battle field in the future. Learn how the role of intellectual property in business success is defined and new strategies for procuring Intellectual Property Law Services.

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Startups and Growth companies are in for a rare treat. Join us for a full-day of innovation on subjects important to the success of your startup or growth company.

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