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Orange County Innovation Week 2019 is coming 9/16 to 9/20/2019!
Orange County Innovation Week 2020
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Orange County is an
Innovation Hub
Our community is full of innovators!
Orange County is Innovation Central
The best and the brightest innovate in Orange County!
First Annual Oviture Orange County Innovation Week

People in hundreds of places like Los Angeles, Baltimore, Oslo, and Canada have already discovered the power of coming together in an "Innovation Week." They are using the theme of innovation as a tool to identify challenges and create positive change.

In Fall 2019, business, government and citizens in Orange County will have the opportunity to come together to explore the subject of Innovation. Those interested in Orange County and innovation will discuss how to successfully innovate, discover shared goals, and build innovation teams.

Please join Oviture and those that are passionate about Innovation in supporting the Oviture Orange County Innovation Week 2019.

Innovation Week is not just an event...it's an innovation event network!

We'll be announcing many more events for 2020 soon. San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and more!

Is your City or Region ready for an Innovation Week? Let's work together!

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