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We Love Orange County Innovators!
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Orange County Is The
SoCal Innovation Hub
In the middle of the action!
Orange County Is The
SoCal Innovation Hub
In the middle of the action!
Orange County Innovation Week 2020 Orange County Innovation Week 2020

Have you noticed how quickly things are changing in Orange County? Fueled by advances in technology, new business models, and other factors, rapid change is the new "normal." It's not just Orange County..."hyper change" is transforming big cities everywhere!

You can prepare yourself for a Orange County Future filled with opportunity and challenges. How? Attend the Orange County Innovation Week!

From Wednesday September 16th, 2020 to Tuesday September 22nd, 2020, the businesses, government and residents of Orange County and the surrounding areas, will experience a week-long focus and celebration of Innovation. Sign-Up now and set the stage for healthy growth and progress in the future. Everyone can benefit and is invited to participate!

Call for Speakers and other Innovation Week Content!

The Orange County Innovation Week is looking for great content from Orange County innovation experts. If you're a speaker, writer, photographer, artist, or other content creator, we want to hear from you. Complete the quick and easy application form.

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